• Villa 1

Single-storey lakeside villa

This amazing villa is built on a single storey, with separate living areas and bedrooms.

One of the features that make this villa unique is the beautiful fireplace that divides the living and the dining room. The majestic interior spaces, which are both modern and cosy, extend out with the spectacular views over the lake and the surrounding landscape, while the villa’s outdoor space is dominated by an infinity pool that creates a visually stunning and precious effect of water extending to the horizon and merging with the lake.

The three bedrooms with private bathrooms have direct access to the spacious outdoor area.

“The architecture is a spiritual construction using geometry without imitating nature. This is joined by the organism of the reconstructed landscape, suggesting materials, which, rejecting the preconception of using what is specific to the region, reinforce the naturalness of the place and can age well with time.”

J.J. Silva Garcia


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