• Ocean Village

Luxury property in Portugal, The Ocean Village

The Ocean Village, composed of 90 townhouses with two bedrooms, is an area dedicated to leisure and sharing with friends and family.
Located in a spot that affords a sea view, TROIA´s Ocean Village is an exclusive space, close to the beach front, surrounded by ample green spaces.
It extends over nearly 3.5 hectares of area open only to property owners, their relatives, friends and guests.

There are 3 different types of houses, each with its own personality:

The Landhouse, Ocean Village

Designed by the architect J.J. Silva Garcia, this townhouse is nestled among nature, with sea views by the beach.

At the centre of the house is an open living room, well-lit by a fireplace. The windows open up onto a deck and a private garden, to enjoy with family and nature. The stairway, uncharacteristic since it divides the indoor space, opens the way to the private area of the villa. Here are two bedrooms with private bath and dressing rooms. The main room opens to a balcony with privileged sea view.

Available in two-bedroom plus one typology, with 200 sq. metres total floor space, this townhouse is fully equipped and furnished in two styles by renowned Portuguese designers.

The Lighthouse, Ocean Village

This beautiful Portuguese townhouse is filled and surrounded with natural light. The Ocean Village is a a prime location, surrounded by ample green areas and only a few minutes from the beach.

The interior is split between the private rooms and the living area, an ample space that opens up onto the garden and modern kitchen.

The light on the first floor illuminates the staircase and invites you to explore. Here you will find two suites, one facing the sea and the other facing the front of the townhouse. The bathrooms, where every detail has been thought through, are distinctive in terms of how the space has been managed and their capacity to interact with the sea.

The Timehouses, Ocean Village

The Timehouses are a landmark in the Ocean Village. Modern architecture is tempered with natural stone which blends with the surrounding nature, while the private gardens with wood decking and hedges provide timeless shelter.

Designed by the architect João Paciência, these townhouses are close to the beach and the Troia Beach Club, offering exquisite sea views.

190 sq. metres in total, these houses have two bedrooms on the upper floor: the master suite with private bathroom and a bathtub facing the ocean and a room with a glass wall where you can see the dining room.

On the ground floor is the kitchen, dining room and living room with wall-to-wall sliding glass doors that open to expansive terraces and private gardens for luxurious open-plan living.